Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life.

Surgeons operate in air-conditioned hospitals. Chilled vaccines are delivered safely to millions in need. Food is produced and delivered to billions in hygienically safe conditions. Man travelled to the moon in a temperature controlled ship.

Refrigeration is everywhere and it touches lives in fantastic ways.

As an industry we strive to support and further the aims of people worldwide.



At Innovative Mechanical Services, Inc. we have efficient, reliable and well trained technicians. Our service personnel provide more than 100 years of experience in all forms of HVAC equipment.


Our goal is to be where you want us, when you want us with the right tools, parts and expertise to keep your business up and running.

By helping you identify and resolve energy, heating, air conditioning and other problems before they occur, our services help ensure that you maintain a consistently safe and productive enviroment, while reducing your energy costs. That means facilities that are comfortable, secure, effective and profitable.